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For shore loving couples, there is nothing more romantic than the sounds of waves and the cold breeze. If you are one such person, then a beach is the best place for you to get married. There are many amazing beaches in Florida and you can select the one you like. However, there are many who prefer Destin as it is a beautiful calm location best for weddings and wedding photoshoot.

Essential things to consider for planning a beach wedding . Tips by Florida Wedding Professional

Flowers – beautiful blooms add beauty to any space including beach as well. So, if you are planning for beach wedding based on Destin, Florida then you should consult a local florist for choosing the right flowers to use in decoration. But direct sunlight and heat can affect the beauty of blooms so you should choose orchids, chrysanthemums, and plumeria for decorating the location because they can hold up in any kind of weather. There are many people who choose non floral decoration. For them, large conch shell and colorful beach pails are the best options for decorating the space.

wedding venue on the beach

Food and drink – for entertaining your guest, you should also choose the best dishes in wedding menu. You can select local delicious dishes like chicken jerk, roast pig, etc. you can also offer sea food to your guests during your wedding ceremony.  But before selecting food menu, you should consider the beach’s location temperature. You can also offer tasty drinks to your guests and organize a small bar area.

Fresh fruit and veggies can get bad if you leave them in the sun. So, you should choose those dishes which stay longer. You should make sure that cocktail is also made up from local flavors.