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When you start preparations for your wedding day, then one of the most important considerations is the wedding venue. There are plenty of North London wedding venues, which can be booked according to taste and preference of the couples or their families. While selecting a venue you should consider the personality of the couple. It will help you to choose the right venue to set the mood of the party.

Outdoor wedding venue

Outdoor wedding venues are the wedding lawns and gardens. If you want to organize the wedding party in an open lawn, you can select a beautiful lawn In London. You can also convert your residential lawn into the wedding venue. Few reasons why people select outdoor wedding venue are as follows;

  • Get what you want: when you hire the outdoor wedding venue, you can make arrangements according to the theme you want. It is easy to install the marquee and furniture of your choice.
  • Nature’s beauty: you can arrange the wedding party in the beautiful green lawn or on the beach side. You will treasure the nature’s beauty and will get spectacular scenic beauty.
  • Set the mood: Your mood can be set if the party is organized in the open area and there are lanterns, bonfire and candle light.

Some people have their own reasons for arranging parties outdoors. But one of the major drawbacks for selecting the outdoor location is that there is no surety of the change in weather. Extreme changes in weather conditions at the end moment are enough to spoil your wedding party.